How every entrepreneur can become a writer

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I believe that every entrepreneur needs to be able to write about their business in a clear, compelling way.

Perfecting an elevator pitch is no longer enough. Today’s entrepreneur needs to write blog posts, social media captions, email newsletters, web pages, flyers, and even ebooks.

Your customers expect you to show up across multiple platforms in a way that’s consistent, relatable, and engaging.

Every word you write has the power to attract - or repel - your audience.

But what if you hate writing? If you’re terrible at spelling? If it takes you eight hours to draft a blog post? If you get anxious at the thought of hitting ‘send’ on email campaigns?

That’s okay. You don’t need to write alone.

You can become a great writer by hiring a copywriter.

Say what now? Let me explain.

A copywriter will help you publish more content than ever before - in your own voice, and based on your own stories and experiences.

It’s my job to help you become a well-read writer and thought leader in your industry.

I can help you:

  • Elevate your blogging efforts from average to exceptional

  • Write consistently (and without embarrassing mistakes)

  • Make your voice stand out in a crowded social media space

  • Publish LinkedIn articles and send email campaigns with confidence

  • Attract and entertain an audience of loyal, engaged readers

I do this by writing in your unique voice (without the typos and spelling errors!) and polishing your words to perfection. Sometimes, this means editing something that you’ve already written. Other times, it means listening to you talk about your ideas and then writing about them from scratch.

Great copywriters are experts in quality control. I make sure every word you publish aligns with your brand and is worth reading.

Your readers won’t know - or care - that I exist. All they care about is getting value from the content you ‘write’.

I’m not interested in glory or recognition. I’m interested in providing you with the right words to grow your business and tell better business stories.

If I can help you build a reputation as a respected writer and thought leader, then I have done my job well.

About the author

Jess O’Connor is the founder and chief copywriter at Made of Words. She loves helping entrepreneurs find the right words to attract their dream customers.

Get in touch to discover how she can help you become a prolific writer or blogger in your industry.