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Jess O’Connor – Founder

Jess is your classic bookworm. She spent her childhood reading, writing, and teaching herself how to touch type, and was happiest with her head in a book.

Of course, Jess ended up a writer – starting with her first paid writing job at the tender age of 14.

In 2015 (many years, several jobs, and one degree later), Jess founded Made of Words. What started as a ‘freelance experiment’ quickly snowballed into a thriving business; today, Jess is supported by a team of freelancers.

Jess lives on Auckland’s North Shore with her husband, Tom, and their two-year-old daughter, Zoey.

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Hayley Clark – Copywriter

Hayley has always been drawn to creative work. At first she wanted to be an interior designer, then an art director – at one point it even involved dreams to become an illustrator. But as she studied media at university and advertising during her post graduate diploma, Hayley spent more and more time writing (and loving it).

What followed was two years writing in an SEO agency in Auckland (where Jess interviewed her for the job!), and every year since working as a freelance writer and editor. Her switch to freelancing meant she could live anywhere, which is why she now lives in British Columbia, Canada.

Hayley loves working on creative projects in particular, such as tag lines and brand stories, as well as any content relating to travel. She creates content that’s enjoyable to read, informative, and always on-brand.

Erin Harrison – Content Writer

Erin has more than 13 years’ experience writing for both print and web and is the founder of The Freelance Village. She’s a specialist property & real estate writer, and she also offers digital marketing, SEO website development, and social media services. Erin lives in Taupo with her family.

Sarah Glover – Copywriter and Editor

Sarah is an experienced copywriter and editor based in Auckland. Editing is her superpower – she has an eye for detail and is exceptional at spotting (and correcting!) spelling and grammar slip-ups. She enjoys writing and editing for a variety of sectors, including travel, IT, nonprofit, and real estate.

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