Words are incredibly powerful – you just have to choose the right ones. In business, the right words inspire action. They are emotive and engaging. They inform and sell, compel and entertain.

Copywriting is the art of putting the right words in the right order to build trust with your readers and convert browsers into buyers.

I believe great copywriting is an opportunity to connect with your customers in a meaningful way. It's more than just selling; it's storytelling.

I can help you find the right words to communicate your business vision and grow your audience. 

Backed by 10+ years of writing experience, I know how to craft content that hits all the right notes. My mission is to help you tell better stories and choose words that resonate with your customers on a deep and powerful level.

Copywriting Services

Whether you need 10 words or 10,000, I can help you find the right words for your business. 

Compelling email newsletter copy that makes your message pop off the page, including subject line suggestions. 

Engaging blog articles that position you as a thought leader within your industry and build trust with your customers. See my blog packages for pricing.

Attract and impress your dream customers with content-heavy lead magnets, such as ebooks or worksheets. 

Clear, concise, SEO-friendly copy for your website, including keyword suggestions and meta data.

Straight-talking sales copy that quickly and powerfully communicates your unique benefits. 

Your voice, my words. Feature articles, LinkedIn posts, ebooks, and other creative content written by me but published under your name.

Copywriting Rates

It’s beyond my copywriting superpowers to quote without understanding your unique project, but I can give you some ballpark prices so you can calculate your best guesstimate.

  • I charge approximately $90+GST per 200 words for SEO web copy, ghostwriting, and advertising copywriting.

  • My blogging service starts from $90+GST per post (with a 10% discount for blog packages of four or more).

  • Email newsletters start at $150+GST per campaign, depending on word count and frequency.

All prices include briefing time (via phone or email) and one round of revisions.

For more information about my pricing structure, please fill out the form below. I’d love to hear from you.

Lost for words for your business?

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