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Jess O'Connor - Copywriter | Ghostwriter | Editor

Hey, changemaker. I see you. I see you working around-the-clock, building a business that’s changing lives. I see you lying awake at night, thinking about your next big idea. I see you making a seismic impact on your community, one happy customer at a time.

You love your business, believe in your service, and you want to make a difference. You know writing engaging, relatable copy will amplify your message, attract dream customers, and extend your influence. But where do you find the time, when you’re already doing so much?

Honestly, you don’t. You hire a copywriter, instead. Just like you have an accountant to crunch the numbers and a VA to manage your admin, you need a writer to keep your words flowing. A writer just like me.

Think of me as your personal writing assistant.

I’m a freelance copywriter, content writer, ghostwriter, and editor. That’s a long way of saying: I’m good with words. I write web copy, blog posts, newsletters, and other marketing copy for entrepreneurs, influencers, and thought leaders with a big message to share.

I help you find the right words to connect with your readers. And by connect, I mean truly connect – in an authentic, meaningful, memorable way. No waffle. No jargon. No alienating corporate speak. I'm all about helping you write in a way that's true to who you are and what you have to offer. Because I know you're all about authenticity and impact.

I slot into your business, hold you accountable to your content deadlines, help you show up consistently for your audience, and most importantly – free up more time for you to spend on your core genius.

Your customers need your words. Are you ready to elevate your online influence and help more people?


It’s a really easy process working with Jess - we collaborate on a topic, I send her a braindump of thoughts and she works that into something that’s coherent and meaningful, and that still has my ‘voice’.
— Shirley Tricker


Lost for (written) words and struggling to convey your key selling points? I'll help you find your writing voice and woo your customers through engaging web pages, articles, email marketing campaigns, ebooks, and more.

Content Writing

Struggle to find the time to update your blog? Outsource your blog writing to me. I'll help you reach your blogging goals and share content on a consistent basis. Never worry about missing a blogging deadline again!

Editing & Proofreading

Enjoy writing but can't tell your nouns from your adverbs? Want reassurance that your words are reader-ready? Let me take care of grammar, spelling, and formatting. I'll polish your content to make sure your message is clear and typo-free.

Jess has an amazing way with words! It really is her passion. She can write at the speed of sound and tell a story that is so captivating, interesting and enticing that you don’t want to stop. She is very good at managing her time and multiple projects, she is disciplined and meticulous.
— Claire Huxley