Jess O’Connor - Founder & Chief Copywriter

I'm one of those people who always wanted to be a writer.

I spent my childhood reading, writing, and teaching myself how to touch type, and I was happiest with my head in a book. When I was 14, I won $3,000 on a radio competition and spent the money on a laptop "so I could pursue my writing career" (true story). The radio host took a shining to my youthful earnestness and offered me a paid position writing for her website.

That’s the moment I discovered that anything is possible – and that I could make a living doing what I love.

In 2015 (ten years, several jobs, and one degree later), I founded Made of Words with a clear mission: to help people write with influence. So far, so good! I'm humbled to work with some incredible people throughout New Zealand and Australia, and I love helping them share their gifts of knowledge.

When I'm not reading or writing, you'll find me hanging out with my fiancé Tom and our gorgeous baby daughter Zoey. In my small windows of spare time, I like to cook, drink tea on friends' couches, go out for 'coffee' (I don't drink coffee, so really I mean go out for cake!), and take long walks. 


How I work

My goal is to help you create exceptional content that resonates with your readers and supports your wider business goals. I’m a results-driven, big-picture thinker who can help you extend your reach and influence, one word at a time. 

Here's the simple process I follow with all my clients: 

Let's touch base via phone, Skype or Zoom to discuss your project and see if I’m the right writer for the job.

After our initial phone call, I’ll send you a quote, a proposal outlining my suggested approach, and my standard terms & conditions.

I’ll email you my copywriting brief to clarify important things like your target audience, tone-of-voice, and brand personality.

With the paperwork out of way, it’s time for me to start writing. I’ll work my creative magic and send you a polished first draft for review.

All project quotations include at least one round of minor revisions (tweaks to style, tone, and structure - not complete rewrites).

This is the fun part. I’ll send you the final copy so you can share it with the world. I may also use this opportunity to ask you for a testimonial of my work.

Working with Jess is easy, as she ‘gets it’ straightaway and delivers engaging content in the right tone of voice - first go.
— Janet Hillis


+ How much do you charge?
Please see each services page for an overview of my prices. Alternatively, get in touch to request a rate card.

+ How quickly can you write my copy?
I require a minimum lead-in time of seven working days, so if your project is time-sensitive, please step to it!

+ Do you work alone?
Most of the time. I bring in other experienced writers and editors if the job requires.

+ Can you manage my social media, too?
No, sorry! You really want a social media expert to take care of that. Drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with some clever people.

Would you like to work with me?

Get in touch to find out more about my writing services.

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