Writing about yourself is hard.

Most people can’t pull it off well. How do you promote your expertise without sounding too salesy? How do you know what’s interesting about you and what’s, er, not? 

You’re not the best person to write about you, because you can’t see yourself objectively. You know yourself too well. You’re too attuned to all your quirks. 

And, if you’re like most entrepreneurs or business leaders I know, you probably think your success is ‘right place, right time’ – which is so far from the truth of your story. But it’s easier to brush everything off as luck than to write about yourself, right? 

When I write about you, I won’t have to grapple with your internal monologues, weird childhood fears, or ‘fraudy feelings’ (imposter syndrome, what a stage-five clinger!). Instead, I’ll see you as you are – a brilliant source of knowledge and experience. A visionary, a thought leader. A story waiting to be told. 

(Or, at the very least, I’ll be able to write about you a lot faster than you would, saving you from wondering whether a dentist appointment would be more fun). 

Choose your words.

Whether you need a website and all the frills or just a few sentences to brighten up your LinkedIn bio, I can help.

Website copywriting

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Speak to the hearts and minds of your ideal customers with polished-yet-authentic web copy.

LinkedIn writing


Take your LinkedIn profile from stuffy to share-worthy.

About page copywriting

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Make one of the most important pages on your website worth reading.

Thought leadership


Share your expertise and become known for who you are and what you know.

Blog copywriting


Cut through the online noise with insightful, beautifully written blog posts.

Email copywriting

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Take the privilege of showing up in someone’s inbox seriously.

What is a personal brand?

Everyone has a personal brand. Your personal brand is how you choose to show up in the world.

Your father’s personal brand might be ‘hilarious’ dad jokes, pretending to hate smartphones, and a confident handshake. Your sister’s personal brand might be green smoothies, vegan leather, and Lululemon leggings. I like to think my personal brand is writing in coffee shops, teetering stacks of books, and cute office stationery. 

Of course, everyone is far more complex than what they wear, the food they eat or the jokes they tell. But us humans are reductive creatures – we’re quick to put people into boxes until we get to know them better.

That’s why personal branding is so important for entrepreneurs and business leaders. You need to give people a fast, at-a-glance way to understand who you are and what you stand for.

As Jeff Bezos once said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Your brand messaging must be clear, authentic, and a reflection of your highest purpose. You want your personal brand to sound like your best self – to sound the way you feel after a 2-week vacation or a 12-hour sleep. Energised, aligned, and ready to take on the world. 

Your personal brand must also connect with your customers and give them a reason to care about your business. Online fatigue is on the rise – everyone’s craving connection, authenticity, and genuine expertise. If your message isn’t sincere, people will scroll on by. 


If you don’t define your personal brand, someone else will. Communicate your values, share your expertise, and show up authentically for the many people who need what you have to offer.