Weekend escape: Dijon


To say that Dijon was a pretty tame start to my travelling adventures is an understatement. A small town just north of Lyon, it’s famous for mustard and gingerbread… and that’s about it. The buildings were beautiful and the sun was shining, but we took on that town with more enthusiasm than it has probably seen in a long time.

We being three kiwis; me, Justine (my Lyon best friend/sister/mother – basically my Lyon replacement for all those I’m missing back home! She’s dealt with tears, rants and vomit, enough said) and Brooke (a real kiwi girl from Timaru – unlike us Jafas – and a blonde like me who understands the harassment that can evoke!)

Justine outside one of the many gingerbread stalls

Armed with our Lonely Planet and our cameras, we visited pretty much every attraction and museum it had to offer, all the space of a few hours. Brooke was smart enough to have booked a train home for that night. Justine and I, however, being overly-enthusiastic had decided to stay over and see what Dijon nightlife had to offer. We had a room in a very special little hotel (emphasis on the little), where I’m pretty sure we were the only guests. The two young boys on the reception looked like all their Christmases had come at once when they saw us check-in (we were probably the first customers under fifty they’d seen in awhile). But I wish they’d had the decency to warn us that Dijon nightlife is non-existent when we went out, only to return again in an hour having learnt one valuable lesson; Lonely Planet lies. Dijon does not rage.

Mustard. It’s colorful in Dijon.

Me in the pretty streets of Dijon

Dijon centre-ville

Me overlooking Dijon

Brooke and I

Dijon in a nutshell.

Beautiful buildings, great weather, lots of mustard, hit and miss with food (our dinner there was a definite miss, current holder of worst-meal-in-France award, but the bakeries there were divine and so was an Italian restaurant!), non-existant nightlife (lies Lonely Planet, lies!) and lots of owls (an emblem of the city that I should know more about, but don’t..). Worth seeing? Definitely. Worth staying the night? Only if you have a good book.