Tag-team parenting (on weekends)


This blog is Day 21 of my 30 days of motherhood blogging challenge. Every day, for 30 days, I’m sharing diary-style snippets of my life as a working mum to one cheeky toddler. Consider this part creative experiment, part self-therapy. Feel free to play along at home! You can read days one to 20 here.

As much as I’d like to say our weekends are all about family time, Tom and I do a lot of tag-team parenting. We’re both introverted homebodies who need alone time to recharge, so to make sure we both get the rest and space we need, we often parent solo for shifts, meet in the middle for some family time, then swap.

No weekend is ever the same – some weekends it’s all about family time, other weekends I have to work so we’re like ships passing.

I would love to create a foolproof system so our weekends run like clockwork and everyone gets everything they need. Of course, this almost never happens!

Where I often run into trouble is obsessing about each weekend being ‘fair’. That’s an impossible dream. There’s almost no such thing as a perfect balance. Some weekends, I have a jam-packed work schedule and the parenting falls mostly on Tom. Other weekends, it’s the opposite.

Tom is much better at going with the flow than I am and just doing what needs to be done in each moment. I prefer to plan head with military precision and have everything colour-coded in the calendar a week in advance! We don’t always see eye to eye but we’re figuring it out as we go.

Below are a few lessons about tag-team parenting I’ve learned so far (although our weekends are far from perfect and I’m still searching for more parenting ‘hacks’!).

  • Less is often more. Tom and I both feel well-rested after weekends without many commitments. If we have too much in the diary, we reach Sunday night feeling exhausted.

  • Family time is super important. Tag-team parenting is amazing for ensuring we both feel rested, but spending time together as a family is equally as important. Zoey loves it when we’re all together – especially when we’re just mooching around the house, snuggling on the couch and reading books.

  • Nap time is sacred. Never mess with the naps!! Tom and I try to both be home for her naps as often as possible. This is our opportunity to relax and reconnect as a couple.

  • Every day is different. Some weekends we find flow, other weekends it completely eludes us. Most of the time, we find a happy medium.

Do you tag team on the weekend or is it all about precious family time? I’d love to hear how you approach your weekends.

Until tomorrow,
Jess x