Marie Kondo Monday


This blog is Day 22 of my 30 days of motherhood blogging challenge. Every day, for 30 days, I’m sharing diary-style snippets of my life as a working mum to one cheeky toddler. Consider this part creative experiment, part self-therapy. Feel free to play along at home! You can read days one to 21 here.

4.15 am
Zoey is crying. I wait a few moments to see if it will pass (sometimes she yells out and falls straight back to sleep), but she keeps crying. I get up to soothe her and she’s wide-eyed and alert. “Milk,” she whispers. I pretend not to hear (trying to break this habit!). “Milk?” she asks again, in the cute voice she knows will tug at my heartstrings. “Okay,” I whisper, “but you have to wait in your cot”. I stumble to the kitchen to heat up her bottle. By the time I feed it to her and put her back to bed, I’m wide awake. Hello Monday.

5.20 am
Tom’s alarm goes off. I’ve been dozing since I came back to bed, but I haven’t fallen into a deep sleep. In the back of my mind, I consider getting up to make a cup of tea and read my book in bed – anything other than lying here in this half asleep state. But I’m too tired, all I want to do is sleep, so I bury my head under the covers and hope that Zoey doesn’t wake again soon.

7.30 am
Zoey is still asleep. I’ve been up and about for about half an hour (I never managed to fall back into a deep sleep, but I dozed). Normally as soon as I make a noise after 6.30 am, Zoey is wide awake. But I open her door and she’s snoring loudly, mouth wide open, clearly enjoying a sleep in after her 4 am feed. Lately, she’s been needing a lot of sleep – her naps have been quite long and she’s also been going to bed early. I think it’s a combination of language development and the fact that she doesn’t eat enough (which also contributes to the 4 am wakings demanding milk!).

9.15 am
Tom’s mum arrives to look after Zoey for a couple of hours while I do some work. Zoey is starting to pre-empt when I leave. As I get ready in the morning, she says ‘mummy work’ a lot and follows me around asking for lots of cuddles. It’s quite sweet but it does pull on my heart strings! Thankfully, when Grandma arrives she’s totally okay with the idea of me leaving and waves me out the door with a casual ‘see ya’.

11.15 am
I arrive back home to find a dog on our deck (random!) and a very excited Zoey watching the dog from the window. Tom’s sister, Claire, is also here – she rescued the dog who was running around the streets and at risk of getting run over. Within a few moments, the dog’s owner picks her up and takes her home (much to Zoey’s disappointment). So much excitement for a Monday morning!

12.15 pm
Zoey’s having her afternoon nap and Claire’s headed home. We spent a glorious 30 minutes swapping Game of Thrones theories and dissecting last week’s episode in preparation for tonight’s episode. Unfortunately, Zoey didn’t share our enthusiasm – she may have drawn on a chair with her crayons to get my attention!

2.00 pm
I had good intentions of spending Zoey’s nap relaxing and reading my book, but I ended up doing the dishes, tidying the house and doing some work. I sat down at 2 pm hoping she’d sleep for another half an hour (or at the very least, lie awake happily in her cot for 10 mins or so). But, of course, the moment I sit down with my book and a hot cup of tea, she starts wailing. It’s like she knew!!

3.30 pm
Following on from an earlier post, I’m trying to find joy in staying home instead of rushing out to do activities. And what better way to find joy than by doing some Marie Kondo-ing? I decluttered Zoey’s bedroom and finally organised all her toys and clothes. This was epic for her because she got to play with everything as I put it in piles and epic for me because I feel like I can finally breathe when I walk into her room. I also removed her toys from the lounge so it looks less like a disaster zone. I’m under no illusions that this Marie Kondo smugness will last, so I’m enjoying the warm glow of feeling organised while I can!

4.00 pm
Our Hello Fresh order arrives. It’s our first week trialling this food delivery service. It’s services like this that make me love being a mother in 2019!

5.30 pm
Zoey and I eat dinner together at her little table in the lounge. Between this and working on a computer, my posture is at an all-time low.

6.00 pm
I sneak in a quick, 10-minute yoga session (Yoga with Adriene) for back, neck and shoulders. It feels AMAZING. I was working my way through one of Adriene’s 30-day yoga challenges, but the 10-minute session is much more realistic with a toddler around. Zoey said ‘all done?’ about 2 minutes into the video and started locking herself in the kitchen (via the baby gate) about 5 minutes into the video, and asking ‘mummy open’, only for me to let her out and she would lock herself in again. When trying to do a 30-minute yoga session, this would annoy me no end. But because I only committed to 10 minutes, it didn’t really matter. I think there’s something in this ‘doing things in small bursts’ thing…!

6.30 pm
Zoey is asleep and I’m waiting for Tom to come home so we can watch Game of Thrones.

9.45 pm
All the feelings after watching Game of Thrones. Now, I must publish this post so I can lose myself in Reddit theories for an hour before Zoey wakes up at 4.15 am and I regret my decisions. When will I learn to go to bed early?! Probably not tonight…

Until tomorrow,
Jess x