The day after date night


This blog is Day 14 of my 30 days of motherhood blogging challenge. Every day, for 30 days, I’m sharing diary-style snippets of my life as a working mum to one cheeky toddler. Consider this part creative experiment, part self-therapy. Feel free to play along at home! You can read days one to 13 here.

When I ordered my second glass of wine last night, I knew I’d probably pay the price for it this morning – and I was right. (Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a total lightweight).

I woke up feeling worse for wear – sore throat, dehydrated, generally run down. I’ve been operating on minimal sleep lately and it seems any time I have an extra late night I get struck down by a mild cold. I just keep getting sick!

But, enough complaining – the date night was worth it (next time I might just stick to my one-glass-rule and make sure I’m asleep by 10 pm – living on the edge over here).

Zoey was also feeling tired and run down today. Someone once told me that kids often handle changes to their routine really well at the time, but then the day after is when the meltdowns happen. That’s definitely been my experience so far with Zoey. She was so excited to see her babysitter last night and didn’t blink an eye when Tom and I left for dinner. But this morning, she woke up cranky and upset.

I’m probably overthinking it, but I felt like she was processing the big emotions she didn’t feel up to processing last night. Even though she loves her babysitter, I can imagine it’s still a big deal to be looked after by someone else. Her babysitter said she asked after me a few times which broke my heart! But I also feel it’s important for Tom and I to have some time to ourselves. I tried to make it up to her today with lots of cuddles, kisses and attention.

Today we stayed close to home, venturing out only once for a quick trip to the supermarket. We had pancakes for breakfast and watched some Winnie the Pooh and read lots of books. Zoey was beside herself with tiredness by 11 am, so I put her to bed early and she had a massive nap. I ignored the mountains of laundry, dishes and toys and read my book and even fell asleep for 20 mins myself. If I have an early night tonight, I should hopefully recover quickly from this cold.

So, on that note, I’ll leave it here today – another short and snappy update. As always, I’ve got plenty more ideas milling around in my mind but I’m too tired to process them just now. Maybe later this week!

Until tomorrow,
Jess x