Date night


This blog is Day 13 of my 30 days of motherhood blogging challenge. Every day, for 30 days, I’m sharing diary-style snippets of my life as a working mum to one cheeky toddler. Consider this part creative experiment, part self-therapy. Feel free to play along at home! You can read days one to 12 here.

This post is coming to you after two glasses of wine, half an antipasto platter and one fish of the day later. I’m feeling pleasantly full and a little bit giddy – but also super tired and very, very ready for bed.

So, this post will be a quick update – mostly because I’m stubborn and don’t want to miss a day of this challenge!

Date nights are very rare for Tom and I, not least because babysitters are expensive but also because most of the time we’re really tired and would rather just order takeaway and watch telly.

But, today I had a trial make-up session for our wedding and I didn’t want to waste a full face of make-up on Netflix! So, we booked the babysitter and took our exhausted selves out to dinner.

It wasn’t all that easy getting out the door – I literally I have nothing to wear on date nights, my wardrobe exists of jeans, striped tops and white sneakers. I dusted off a floral dress and teamed it with tights and flats, feeling a bit like a librarian-gone-rogue. Thank goodness the make-up was glam!

Once we were out, it was lovely. Expensive, but lovely. It was nice to treat ourselves, especially as it doesn’t happen all that often.

To be honest, before I left I thought this post would go quite differently. In the past, date nights have been a bit of a disaster – we feel this enormous amount of pressure to make the most of every cent we’re spending on the babysitter that it kind of kills the romance. But tonight we didn’t try too hard to fit a year’s worth of conversation topics into one dinner or to spend the whole time gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. We just relaxed and enjoyed the evening for what it was – a few glasses of nice wine, some cheerful Italian food, and no dishes.

I have plenty more to write about the pressure of date nights and the somewhat unrealistic expectation that they should happen often – but I really need to get some sleep. Maybe I’ll come back to this topic later in the challenge when I’m not half-asleep!

Until tomorrow,
Jess x