Jess’s maternity leave: Your questions answered


If you’ve stumbled across this blog post, chances are you’re interested in working with me – but you've just found out I'm on maternity leave.

I’m currently navigating the crazy-beautiful waters of new motherhood, so I’m taking a step back from the business until early next year. Here’s the lowdown on my maternity leave and when you can expect me to be back in action*.

*To my regular clients, this post isn’t for you! Your content will continue to be delivered as normal or as per our agreement.

When will you consider new projects?

From 15 January 2018. Save the date or email me to book an early spot.

Can you still provide me with a quote?

Absolutely! Fill out my quoting form and I’ll get back to you with an estimate to keep on file. Please note I may take a week or so to respond.

We’ve worked together in the past. Can you squeeze in a quick project for me?

Maybe! Please email me and I'll see what I can do. 

Can you recommend some other copywriters?

Yes! I know some incredible copywriters in Auckland and Sydney. Email me for an introduction.

How often will you be checking your email?

I aim for once a day, but I might take up to a week to respond during particularly hectic times. I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. 

I’d like to stay in touch. What’s the best way to get updates from you?

You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook, where I’ll be posting sporadic updates about motherhood and writing. You can also email me to request a reminder when I’m back from maternity leave. 

Thanks in advance for your understanding!