How does it work?

For a competitive, all-inclusive monthly fee, you’ll get over 5,000 words of engaging content and 5+ hours of content strategy every month, plus plenty of other perks (like sweet discounts, super speedy turnaround times, and me as your chief content cheerleader and accountability partner). The subscription is designed to run for six months but you can cancel at any time by providing 30 days written notice.

What’s included?

Here’s what’s included in your monthly subscription:

  • Content strategy session - 1hr of deep planning

  • In-house half day - 4hrs of me working at your HQ

  • Blog posts - weekly or fortnightly

  • Copywriting & editing - up to 2,000 words

  • Email newsletters - 2x campaigns

  • 20% discount off all other services


To kick off each month, we’ll get together face-to-face or on Zoom to discuss how to put your words to best use. We’ll review what’s working, what’s not, and make a plan for the month ahead. I’ll provide tips, insights, and learnings to help you supercharge your content strategy. Ideally, we’ll do this session right before the in-house half day so I can start implementing our ideas straightaway.


This is where the magic happens. I’ll come into your office once a month to work alongside you and your team. I can interview team members for future content (blog posts, web copy, LinkedIn), attend special events and take notes, collaborate with your social media or web design experts, sit in on important meetings, lead a content brainstorming session, or just type away in the background while getting to know you and your business better.

BLOG POSTS - weekly or fortnightly

This is your chance to get on top of your blog content once and for all – no excuses! You’ll have 3,000 words to play with each month; choose weekly blogs, fortnightly blogs, or one zinger of a monthly post. How you ‘spend’ your monthly blog allocation is up to you. My recommendation? A 750-word blog post every week or a 1,500-word post every fortnight. Consistency is always a winner.

COPYWRITING & EDITING - up to 2,000 words

Get 2,000 brilliant words for your business every month. I can write or edit web pages, brochures, sales proposals, ebooks, internal communications, emails, and more. If you’ve ever wanted to rewrite your website, try your hand at creating a lead magnet, or publish an ebook, this is your chance to get the project done. By the end of six months, you’ll have 12,000 words working for your business across multiple marketing streams.


Email is one of the most important (and neglected) marketing strategies of the moment. You can lose your Instagram followers at any point – or Facebook could change its algorithm (again!) – but your email list is yours to keep. I’ll write two campaigns for you every month, helping you share meaningful content with your audience and grow your list. I’ll help you connect with your readers in an authentic, meaningful way. This is a no spam zone!


If you soak up all this monthly content and still find yourself wanting more, you’ll get a sweet 20% off all my other copywriting, content writing, and editing services, as well as discounted tickets to my workshops (coming soon).

Who is it for?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing managers who:

  • Need to create a sizeable amount of quality content every month, such as blog posts, web pages, sales proposals, and newsletters.

  • Want to work directly with one talented writer (that’s me!) not an account manager, a junior copywriter, or a different writer each month.  

  • Are idea-rich but time-poor. You know you’re missing key opportunities to share content with your audience, but there are only so many hours in the day.

  • Feel a little bit queasy at the thought of getting on top of your content marketing and keeping your website up-to-date and relevant.

  • Want to tap into the power of words to amplify your message, attract dream customers, and grow your business.

  • Love the flexibility of working with a freelancer but crave more face-to-face time and offline meetings (because that’s where the magic happens).

If you publish content regularly, people will discover you and initiate unexpected opportunities. They’ll open doors you didn’t even know existed.
— David Perell

What’s the monthly investment?

These services are valued at $3565, but with a Content Subscription they are all yours for a monthly investment of $2495 + GST.

Okay, sign me up!

If you think this subscription could be perfect for your business, the next step is for us to schedule a 15-minute discovery call. This is your chance to ask me questions and discuss your content goals, and I’ll talk you through the T&Cs and how the onboarding process works. Please note, spaces are very limited – due to the in-depth nature of this subscription, I can only work with five clients at a time.

Who is Made of Words?

Jess O'Connor - Made of Words (1).png

Jess O’Connor

Highly intuitive Auckland-based copywriter with 10+ years of writing experience.


I’ve been copywriting since before I knew copywriters existed. I started my writing career at 14 and spent my teenage years accumulating work experience from leading NZ publications, including nzgirl,, and Woman’s Day. I achieved my dream of becoming a full-time writer straight out of university (Bachelor of Arts, English & French), working agency-side as a Content Writer and then Assistant Editor. When the travel bug called, I moved to London and worked in magazine publishing, before returning to NZ for an in-house marketing role. In 2015, I took a leap of faith and started Made of Words, which has been my full-time gig ever since (except for a short break to have a baby!). I’ve been blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit, insatiable curiosity, and a healthy dose of idealism. It’s made for a wonderful career so far and I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years brings.


A brilliant writer and an absolute pro. Working with her is easy, as Jess ‘gets it’ straightaway and delivers engaging content in the right tone of voice - first go.
— Janet Hillis
Jess is reliable, always meeting her deadlines, creative and an absolute pleasure to be around. She is full of positive energy and confidence.
— Jay-Jay Feeney
Jess always has an incredibly calm way to get work done to a very high standard. She is an exceptional writer and very professional.
— Mel Jenkins



You might be wary of monthly subscriptions. I get it – I am, too. I know people who have been burned by retainers (think extortionate fees, unpersonalised service, and questionable quality). I’ve built my freelance career avoiding contracts and commitment, instead preferring to give clients freedom and flexibility.

But I had an ‘aha’ moment recently. Some clients need to make a commitment to take a project seriously. There is something powerful about entering into a joint agreement with clear goals and accountability milestones. To borrow a term from business rockstar Lorraine Murphy, it’s how you GSD (Get Shit Done)!

Sometimes we all need accountability, encouragement, and a strong incentive to stay on track. Without this, blog posts are postponed, content strategy is overlooked, and websites quickly become irrelevant and dated. My Content Subscription will incentivise you to hit all your content goals, and then some.


Then my Content Subscription isn’t for you. I’ve designed this Subscription so you can get ahead on some important content goals, like updating your website, writing an ebook, or creating a lead magnet. You’ll need to be organised to meet the monthly content targets, but that’s the point! I’ll be there holding you accountable each step of the way (I’ll be showing up in your inbox and on your phone a lot).


No. If you don’t claim all your words each month, you can’t carry them over or request a refund. I have to protect my workflow (and yours). Plus, we’re more likely to achieve your content goals if we break them down into monthly chunks. That said, you’re more than welcome to hold off publishing content I’ve written until whenever you’re ready. For example, you could use my Content Subscription to build a bank of blogs to publish at your discretion.


I know, 5,000+ words is a lot of content. That’s why I’ve incorporated a monthly content strategy session and a monthly in-house half-day into this subscription. This face-to-face time will happen near the beginning of the monthly cycle and is our opportunity to map out everything we need to achieve over the next 20 working days. I’ll pester you until I have everything I need to begin writing for that month (that’s what you’re paying me for!). You can trust me to ask the right questions and manage the workload effectively (I’m a Type-A, highly-organised, stationery-loving writer, after all).


Payment is due at the beginning of each monthly cycle (which will depend on your start date). I will invoice you in advance. Work cannot commence until payment is made.


There is no minimum commitment, however there is a 30-day notice period. There is a maximum commitment of six months. After six months we’ll pause and reflect, and of course you’ll have the opportunity to renew for another six months if you choose.


When you work with Made of Words, you work directly with me – a talented writer with 10+ years of experience. You won’t be allocated an account manager, a junior copywriter, or a different writer each month. You get me, the business owner, and the person who really, truly, deeply cares about whether you’re hitting your content marketing goals. Because if you’re not winning, neither am I (in fact, my whole business model is flawed).

I’ve also been told that I’m a nice person, which is good, because if you sign up we’ll be seeing a lot of each other! You can find out more about me here.


If you have an exceptional writer on your team with capacity to create enough brilliant content each month, you’ve hit the jackpot. Hold on to that precious writer because, from my experience, they’re a rarity.

I believe most writers need a few basic needs met in order to write brilliantly, creatively, and consistently. They need peace and quiet, ample time for reflection, the freedom to read out loud to themselves (that’s how we pick up typos!), a well-stocked fridge and pantry, and somewhere comfortable to daydream (not kidding). Oh, and near complete autonomy over their schedule, so they can write at 11pm if that’s when inspiration strikes. I wish I was joking! But writing is deeply creative work and not many writers flourish in a corporate setting.

Basically, if you want the best possible writer for your business, that writer probably needs to be a free agent. Freelancers also tend to work out cheaper than hiring in-house, too (The Freelance Village recently crunched the numbers).


Instead of a monthly half-day at your HQ, we can explore other options, such as a weekly video conference. You can also choose to reallocate that ‘spend’ to other areas, for example you could add in more blog posts, copywriting, or editing. Another option is to request I do some research on your behalf each month (e.g., competitor analysis, image sourcing).

Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are part of the contract you enter into when you engage Made of Words Limited. You’ll also need to sign a separate contract as part of the onboarding process, which will outline the core Terms & Conditions of the Subscription (such as payment, cancellation, and inclusions). We’ll go through all the T&Cs as part of your discovery call.